Substitute Teaching

Kanawha County Schools will accept substitute teacher applications from individuals who are qualified by having a current West Virginia educator's license or who have recently completed a teacher preparation program, including student teaching, and have recommendation for licensure and are waiting for the current license to arrive. Persons desiring to become substitute teachers may apply by following these procedures:

  1. Complete an interview conducted by the Human Resources Department
  2. Be fingerprinted, complete a post offer drug test, and health clearance

Please contact to address any questions you may have.

Additional Information


  • AB $121.26
  • AB15 $124.30
  • MA $131.37
  • MA15 $134.42
  • MA30 $137.46
  • MA45 $140.50
  • PHD $144.64

Refusal to accept substitute assignments will result in having your name removed from the automated substitute management system.

Your ID picture will be taken in the Human Resources Office when your orientation is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a college degree but not in education, can I substitute teach?

In order to substitute teach, you must hold a valid WV Substitute Teaching permit. Kanawha County Schools only accepts those substitute permits in areas of critical need if recommended by the Human Resources Department. The WVDE grants substitute permits for individuals who hold a bachelor's (college) degree not in education and has been recommended by a county school system. You must participate in the substitute permit program and complete the required substitute training program prior to the issuance of the initial substitute permit. Kanawha County offers this training when there is a need and will post this on the KCS website.

I want to teach in the adult education classes; is this possible?

Yes. Adult education classes or programs that do not exceed 90 days or 720 hours may be staffed with temporary teachers and must possess the requisite license from the West Virginia State Department of Education.

Can anyone with a four year degree become a substitute?

Our county does recognize the need for substitutes in areas of critical need. You may be considered in a critical need area if you have the appropriate permit through the WVDE.

How many days as a sub do I need to work in a school year to get credit for a year of experience?

133 days or more in a school year gives you credit for a year of teaching experience.

Do I qualify for benefits as a substitute teacher?

Only after you have continued to be in the same position for 90 days or more you may qualify for health insurance.

Do I have to be employed as a substitute teacher before I can bid on a full time position?

No. However, you do need an up-to-date completed employment application on file to be considered.